Poniie PN2500 Professional NEMA 5-15 Wi-Fi Wireless Level 1 EV Charger Pass-through Power Usage Monitor (60-240V, 25Amp)

Ensure precise monitoring and safe using with our high power watt meter, redundant capacity design at Max.25A, 60-220v
Benefit from built-in high precision current sensor, PN2500 providing professional Class 1.0 accuracy with 0.001A resolution
Gain comprehensive insights with a wide range of metrics including Watts/VA, kWh, Time, Amp, Start-up Amp, Volt, PF, Hz and Cost etc.
Effortlessly monitor all parameters from your iOS or Android device, take advantage of convenient management or access full functionality without app
Accurately track home charging and appliances usage. Calculate cost and forecast consumption by hour, day, week, month and year
Features high heat resistance and a fire retardant material housing for added safty, 1x User Manual; 1-Year Warranty by Poniie; FCC id certified
with wide view and large backlight LCD Display and hold over circuit memory for cumulative kilowatt-hours & working time, elaspsed time

<b>Poniie PN2500 Wi-Fi Wireless High-Power Charging Monitor Power Usage Meter</b><br><br><i><b>Your Key to Save on Electricity Bills</b></i><br>Are you tired of skyrocketing electricity bills that seem to drain your wallet month after month? It's time to take control and make informed choices with our advanced Power Monitor. Say goodbye to the guessing game and hello to significant savings.<br><br>Simply connect to a NEMA 5-15 standard outlet and then plug a device in to this unit. Now you gain real-time visibility into your energy consumption, enabling you to identify energy-hungry appliances, optimize usage, and reduce wastage. It's like having your personal energy detective right at your fingertips.<br><br>New PN2500 goes beyond basic monitoring by offering a comprehensive information, you can identify "vampire" appliances, understand usage patterns, and pinpoint areas where you can save. But that's not all--Our new monitor takes convenience to the next level with Wi-Fi app control. Simply download the iOS or Android app, and you'll have full insights from your smartphone. Monitor usage, set Billed KWH, reset record data etc. The monitor itself can provides full functionality without Wi-Fi.<br>


<b><br>Product Features</b><br>-Large LCD Back-light(On/Off) Display<br>-Heavy Duty monitor with high-power tolerance Max. 25A<br>-Professional meter with start detection 0.20W or even lower<br>-High heat resistance and a fire retardant material housing<br>-Calculate and predict usage by hour, day, week, month or year<br><br><b>Specification</b><br>Input Power: AC 60-240V 60/50Hz<br>Maximum rated design: 25A<br>Maximum power design: 3000W(@120V) / 5500W(@220V)<br>Measurable range: above 0.20W<br>Display resolution: 0.01W, 0.001A, 0.01V<br>Accuracy standard: Class 1.0<br>Power dissipation: under 1.00W<br>Storage temperature: -20~60℃<br>Case Material: Fire retardant ABS<br><br><b><i>1-YEAR Warranty by PoniieDirect!</i></b><br><br>Package Contents<br>1x PN2500 Power Monitor<br>1x User Manual<br>