PH2022 PH Meter


Poniie Professional PH2022 Digital Waterproof pH Meter for Water Hydroponics Food Brewing w/Portable Toolkit Combo, 0.05 Resolution

Lab quality probe with 0.05 pH resolution, auto temperature compensation (ATC) ensures reliable performance
Auto two point or manual three point calibration available for custom high accurate acid or alkaline solution test
Large backlight screen and data hold function for easy viewing, 10 minutes auto off function to extend battery life
Comes with Poniie\'s solid slim portable toolkit box, helping you protect meter\'s probe and organize all the accessories
Comes with KCl solution and 3 set of pH 4.00, pH 6.86 buffers, save cost, ensure effortlessly storage and calibration

Poniie Professional PH2022 Digital pH Meter

With easy calibration, you're able to effortlessly measure pH levels for accurate and dependable results. After calibration, there is no hassle to set-up needed for future uses. Handy around the house, this pH meter can be used to measure levels for aquariums, beverages and swimming pools. It's smart, safe and simple.

Product Features

- waterproof pen-type digital pH meter
- automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
- two point or three point calibration available
- with Backlight & Data Hold function
- low battery indication
- auto off function (10 mins)


PH measure range: 0.00-14.00
PH resolution: 0.05
PH accuracy: 0.10
Temperature range:
Temperature accuracy:
Power supply:
LR44 1.5V * 3(built in)
Ambient Humidity: <85% RH

1-YEAR Warranty by PoniieDirect!

Not recommend. Typically you can test soil pH by pouring water into a pot containing the soil in question and test the water that comes out the bottom. This method will allow you to adjust your nutrient solution pH to exactly what your plants need, usually between 5.5 and 6.5 to avoid nutrient lock out.
It depends, when the product has not been used for more than 2 weeks, it should be calibrated. When the product has been used for more than half an hour a day for a consecutive month, it also should be calibrated again.
Yes. The 250ml calibration solution can be divided into several parts, one for each calibration, the remaining calibration solution should be sealed and put in a place of 10-20 degrees Celsius and away from light, which can be stored for 3-6 months.
Please do not keep the probe dry or in water. To get the best performance and extended meter’s life, it is best to keep it in potassium chloride storage solution. It is the same chemical that is inside the glass probe so an equilibrium is established. If you use just water, the potassium chloride will eventually leach out and make the probe unstable.