PN8000 EMF Meter


Poniie Rechargeable Digital Multi-Fields EMF Meter, Electric, Magnetic, Radio Frequency (RF) 3-in-1 Electromagnetic Radiation Tester for Phone, WiFi Router, Cellular Tower and Ghost Hunting

AC magnetic, AC electric, and RF radio frequency filed for detecting Power line, Smart meter, Cell phone, Bluetooth, Microwave etc.
2.4" IPS screen display with Hold, Max, Peak, Alarm text and color features to comprehend the full scale of the EMF radiation
Intuitively show the signal changing process and help to find signal source direction or record bursts
Detects EF, MF, 5G network signal and RF from 50hz up to 8Ghz. Note: Please hold the meter uprightly and do not cover the top sensors
Black color theme, constant or highlight backlight feature are available. Built in rechargeable battery
Product Features -Detects all three types of EMF pollution: Electric, Magnetic and RF -Large IPS backlight screen for clear and informative readings -Audio Indicator that helps to locate sources of radiation -Histograph display that helps to find signal direction or record bursts -Peak display, Max. and Hold function for easy measuring -Color indication text/bar that helps making a quick judgement on safety level -Built-in rechargeable battery for easy and long time usage
Specification Electric field strength measurement Range:1-1999V/M Resolution:1V/M Electromagnetic field strength measurement Range: 0.1-999.9mG Resolution:0.1mG / 0.01μT Radio Frequency field strength measurement Range: 0.01-1800mW/m2 Resolution: 0.01mW/m2 Response: up to 8Ghz 1-YEAR Warranty by PoniieDirect! Package Contents 1 x PN8000 EMF Meter 1 x Micro-USB Cable 1 x User Manual