TC-DN2 Thermostat


Poniie TC-DN2 Digital Heat Mat Reptile Thermostat Day/Night Temperature Controller for Terrarium, Seed Germination, Carboy, Brewing & Fermenter (110V, 10A)

Pre-wired plug and play design, easy to program, high accuracy NTC sensor, support °C/°F display
Be able to display measured temperature and setting centering temperature at the same time
Be able to connect with 2 heating and 1 cooling loads at the same time with temperature in -40~212℉
Set day/night start hour and different temperature setpoints on the basis of the physical needs of animals and plants
Keep your settings when a power failure happened to prevent unexpected loss, with calibration & compressor delay function

Poniie Digital Heat Mat Reptile Thermostat
Poniie's TC-DN2 thermostat is an easy-to-use, safe and reliable dual relay output controller, which is your perfect solution to providing constant temperature as over temperature protection or automatic temperature control system for various tasks. Such as Reptiles Culture, Sous-vide, Home-brew & Fermentation, Carboy, Kegerator, Breeding and Germination,  etc.

Support reading with ℃ and ℉
2 Heating outlets and 1 Cooling
Day and night control mode
Power off memory for all settings
Temperature calibration
Compressor delay protection
Sensor fault alarm function
High & Low Temperature Alarms

Temperature Control Range: -40.0 ~ 212℉
Temperature Resolution: 0.1℉
Temperature Accuracy: ±1.0℉
Input Power: 100~125V, 60Hz
Maximum Total Output Loads: 10A, 100~125V
Sensor Length: 2.0m / 6.6ft
Control Panel Cable Length: 1.5m / 4.9ft
Input Power Cable Length: 1.8m / 5.9ft

1-Year Warranty
Note: Inductive equipments with start-up current above 12A, such as space heater and large refrigerator, are not compatible with this controller.
Note: The total heating loads for two outlets should not over the 10A limits.

Package Content:
1x TC-DN2 Thermostat
1x User Manual