PN-G100 Glue Gun


Poniie PN-G100 Dual Temp 60/100W Power Hot Melt Glue Gun Full Size with 12pcs Premium Glue Sticks for DIY Arts & Crafts, Christmas Decoration, Sealing/Repairs

60/100W switchable, high temp for quicker bond objects together, low for fine handwork etc. which makes working task easy and flexible
Built with high-tech ceramic heater and electronically self-regulating system, ensure heat up in 3-5 minutes and keep constant temperature
Unique nozzle design in combination with the ergonomic trigger enable to control glue flow rate much easier, reduce glue drips
Comes with 12pcs environmental-friendly glue sticks (0.43"diameter x 7.5"L ), with strong adhesive
1-YEAR Warranty by Poniie; with build-in fuse to prevent over-heat and can be used from AC 100V to 240V

If you love DIY things or need to fix something, get a hot glue gun! Many cool things you can do with it. You can DIY creative gifts, seal packages, assemble small parts, create a non-slip texture or waterproof LED lights, fix sandals ,toys or ceramic mug etc. Many more purposes of the glue gun can be found on the internet and in your imagination!


  1. Dual Temp Power 60/100W
  2. Adjustable Nozzle
  3. Compact & Solid Housing
  4. Built-in Safety Fuse
  5. Constant Temperature & Quick Preheating
  • Applicable power supply: 100V-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Max Power: 60/100W
  • Material: ABS heat-resistant plastic & aluminum
  • Color: Light Blue
  • Size: 7.5"x 6.5"x 1.2"approx.
  • Preheating Time:
  • -3~5 minutes on 100w setting
  • -6~8 minutes on 60w setting
  • Cable Length: 4.6 Ft.
  • Glue Stick: 0.43"(diameter) x 7.5"(L)

Note: DO NOT touch the melted glue, the temperature of the melt glue may go over 300℉. Any direct body touch is prohibited.
Note: DO NOT try to pull out the remained stick after each time using. Just insert a new one to push the remaining short stick.