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Poniie was founded on the idea of providing quality products to customers throughout the US and around the world. Poniie offers great products from a few select product categories that all have specific uses in and around the daily lives of its customers. Whether the product is designed to make taking notes at a seminar easier, or checking the power of appliance around the house, Poniie is determined to put fulfilling products into consumer’s hands.


We can get high value products into our customers hands because we develop better products and continue to make improvements on existing merchandise.


"Quality Tools, Make Good Things Better!" is our motto. And we always believe that customer satisfaction breeds true loyalty! 


30 days Money Back Guaranteec for any reason. 

12-month Warranty for quality-related issues. 


We take care of all quality issues with a REPLACEMENT or FULL REFUND at any time. We would like to make all our valued customer HAPPY!


For 12 months after the date of purchase, Poniie warrants all products to be of the highest quality in material, craftsmanship and service for a minimum of 12 months, effective from the date of purchase. Warranty lengths may vary between product categories. For specific warranty terms, please refer to your product listing page or product operation manual.


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